Paradise By The Sea


5 Reasons to RV at Paradise by the Sea

RVing is a safe way to live and travel right now!  If you’re in need of a place to land, here are some reasons why Paradise by the Sea is a great choice.  

1) RVing is the cleanest way to travel right now.
Avoid germs in public restrooms and gas stations! Keep your RV as clean as you desire, and enjoy the cleanliness of your own restroom, living space and kitchen. Our resort common areas and restrooms are kept in optimum condition with enhanced cleaning by a professional janitorial service. The CDC states that viruses cannot survive in our pool and hot tubs. Unhook at Paradise and relax!

2) RVing offers a great opportunity to practice social distancing.
Enjoy walking or swimming at the beach and say hello to people in neighboring campsites without getting too close for your comfort. Our beaches are not crowded.

3) RVing is a great family bonding experience.
Whether you are a full-time RV family, or need to come to the area for some reason, it’s much more fun to be camping together than to be stuck in a house together! Gather around the campfire and make some smores.

4) RVing is a great way to stay active and boost your immune system.
Get outdoors and enjoy biking, ocean swimming and walking. Exercising in fresh ocean air offers a great way to de-stress and boost your immune system. Ocean air also helps you sleep better! Sleeping 8 hours a night boosts your immune system. Every little bit helps right now! Take your Vitamin C, D3 and Zinc!

5) RVing is affordable.
RVing has always been the most affordable way to live and travel! Save some money during uncertain times, cook your own food, and enjoy low cost activities.



Paradise By The Sea
1537 S Coast Hwy
Oceanside, California 92054

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