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Family Owned and Operated for More Than 40 Years

Deep roots in the Oceanside community

My dad was a young college graduate playing in the NFL when he and my grandfather hatched a pretty good plan one hot summer during training camp…to build an RV Park in Southern California.  A piece of property for sale in Oceanside, California, happened to be available the following year, and the rest as they say…is history.

On the day we opened, July 14, 1978, the first motorhome to pull in was told to simply drive around and pick a spot. They chose Space 7! Guests registered on a slip of carbon copy paper with a pen, and the front office took down phone messages for their guests. One of my first jobs as a kid in the 80s was riding my bike from site to site, delivering those phone messages. I felt pretty important.

Fast forward over three decades later, and Paradise By The Sea is still family run; my brother Cole serves as GM, my brother Erik is our Project Manager, and my parents are actively involved as owners.

The computer age has changed many things about our business. Guests have free Wi-Fi at their sites, they can visit our website to look for information, and most guests book their stay online. We even have social media pages and a blog!

But the truth is…some things never change: RVing continues to be an amazing way for families to travel the country affordably, and to make memories that last a lifetime. And just as it has been since Day One, our stellar team of staff members makes your stay at Paradise a step above the rest. Our Guest Services team in the front office can answer any of your questions, our Facilities Team does an excellent job making sure that our grounds are in superb condition throughout your stay, and our Security works to ensure a great environment each night.

Make Your Own Memories Like This One

I’ll never forget having the opportunity to grow up every summer with kids that returned every year, riding our bikes, boogie boarding at the beach all day until we were waterlogged, and watching the heat rise from barbeques at dinner time as families gathered around the table to enjoy the fading light of another beautiful day. In the evenings, card games glow in the light of table lanterns, and sounds of laughter drown out the distant crashing waves. Now many of those kids who grew up camping with their families have families of their own, and continue the tradition of coming to Paradise by the Sea every summer to make lasting memories.

-Jenna, Communications Director


Paradise By The Sea
1537 S Coast Hwy
Oceanside, California 92054

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