Paradise By The Sea


A Paradise Poet

Who knew we had a poet staying with us last week?!

“Been to Paradise”

I’ve just been to Paradise
over here at Oceanside
Where the friendliness of campers
is awfully hard to hide

the park is immaculate also
as many a park should be
my spouse and I are quite impressed
as you too will be, you’ll see

Robert helped me park my rig
and waited ’til I was secure
if this is what Paradise is like
who could ask for anything more

thank you for allowing us to visit
and staying to enjoy the town
we come from Yuma, AZ
and we’re glad Paradise is around

Now you’re probably wondering
would we come back and stay
I would say with a booming voice
you couldn’t keep us away



Paradise By The Sea
1537 S Coast Hwy
Oceanside, California 92054

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(760) 439-1376